SB 1070: Cause and Effect for Other Anti-immigration Bills


Not too long after bill SB 1070 was enacted, did other anti-immigration bills come to rise. Some so harsh, as to deny undocumented students a chance for a college education. Another denying birthright citizenship to anyone born from two undocumented parents. It doesn’t stop there, another bill would require hospitals to check the immigration status of any individual checking in.

The issue I though was Boarder Safety, but now the attention seems to have shifted towards, undocumented students, children, and those seeking medical attention.

Already Arizona seems to be facing economic problems and dealing with the state’s image, passing these bills would only create more issues for the Arizona to face.

Specifically, Senate Bills 1308 and 1309 “would have defined children as citizens of Arizona and the U.S. if at least one of their parents was either a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent U.S. resident…SB 1405 would have required hospitals to check an individual’s legal status and notify law enforcement if they suspected an individual was in the country illegally. SB 1407 would have required school districts to collect data on the number of students who were illegal immigrants… SB 1611 would have banned illegal immigrants from attending state universities and community colleges and from getting federal benefits. It would have made it a crime for illegal immigrants to drive in Arizona and required proof of legal status to enroll a child in a public school.”
These immigrations bills have shifted focus and now those being attacked, are the young who want an education. The youth who the country depends for future prosperity.

Those who oppose the bills state that it gives the State a bad image, especially for tourism and businesses.

Large firms and CEO’s who had began to feel some impact wrote a letter to Senate President Russell Pearce. Within the letter they addressed that the passage of anymore anti-immigration bills would spur more boycotts and “adversely impact the already-struggling economy, and cost these business jobs”

But little was done because Senate President Pearce responded, “I stand on the side of citizens, not a bunch of businessmen that write me a letter”

It baffles me, how harsh these bills can be, especially to citizens legally born in the county who could have been affected by the bills measures. And not just them, but college students about to graduate from school. It makes no sense to go after them, their goal don’t go greater than obtaining a job within the degree the have. They aren’t drug dealers, they just want an education. Why is that such a bad thing?

And other than Arizona, I don’t know what state would have made it illegal to go to college.

Arizona is pushing these immigrations bills to far, and already business have seen the impact. These immigrants are here and it’s almost impossible to get them all out.

The solution to boarder safety won’t and isn’t address in the bills above. Rather its only hurting the state’s economy and image.


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