Arizona Is Taking the Flak

Almost a year later, the predictions of a tidal wave of state immigration-enforcement laws haven’t panned out. While some states may have push for anti-immigration bills, during Arizona’s heated days, little to nothing has changed in the U.S. According to the National Council of State Legislatures, only 28 states have introduced immigration bills this year, but little has change in immigration legislation. Among those strong states are Utah and Georgia, both whom introduced a vast number bills similar to SB1070 or other anti-immigrations laws. But in Arizona those who seem most negatively affected include small businesses and of course illegal immigrants.

During it’s early passage, SB 1070 spurred hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of immigrant families to leave Arizona and many immigrants say they are still planning to leave, either because they are afraid of being deported or because they can’t find jobs due to the economy and tougher immigration enforcement. So good riddance to those illegal’s, but does it really mean they left or have they gone elsewhere within the U.S. The most probable cause is that they moved somewhere else within the U.S. and they are still here. Other immigrants have been forced to live “underground,” making a living by selling used clothing or other items, standing at corners and living off $30-$40 dollars a day and at times even nothing. Often they will stay home in fear that if a police officer happens to stop them, they may get deported. Illegal or not, no one deserves to live in fear and these drastic measures are making it hard for people in the business world to make profits.

Though many large firms and businesses said to feel no impact from the bill, small businesses state other wise. “sales to supermarkets and grocery stores that cater to Latinos dropped 20 percent in the wake of SB 1070. “Eggs are not easily substituted, so it wasn’t that there was some other foodstuff that was being substituted,” he said. “It was a real loss of consumption because the people aren’t here any more.”

And while these small owners face it hard Rep. John Kavanagh says “”It makes me feel good, “Mr. Hickman (will have to) have less hens. I am not going to maintain a large population of illegal immigrants who drain our economy and cost us in benefits just so that Mr. Hickman can sell 20 percent more in eggs.”

But for those “illegals” who still remain in Arizona, good news awaits them. Because the author, Arizona state Senate President, Russell Pearce is facing recall and his bill SB1070 isn’t receiving the support it once had. Nonpartisan group Citizens for a Better Arizona, co-chaired by a Republican and a Democrat, say they are on track to meet the May 31st deadline to submit the 7,756 signatures required for the recall election of Senate President Pearce. More sad for the Senate President is that a Republican groups  have been on the look out for similar signatures. Arizonans for a Better Government (a Republican group)has been collecting recall petition signatures. Some of their efforts have shifted to recruit and groom potential Republican candidates to challenge Pearce in the recall. The possibility is for a recall is high, it makes sense, why else would anyone be on the look out to challenge the Senate President.

And people who once supported the Senate President now say “I thought [Pearce] would be the answer to [immigration] problems, but now he wants to let people bring guns into our schools, and they gave money to businesses to build more houses”  Recent bills proposed by Senate President Pearce have been vetoed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer. Such Bills would have allowed guns on Arizona College Campuses and another included a birther bill.

 Things aren’t looking too well for the Senate President and these efforts to get him out are progressing well. As for the SB 1070, Legislation is working on drastic revisions and it won’t be long before it moves up to U.S. Supreme Court for even harsher changes. A year later what you see in Arizona is lost population, businesses, and business investments, is that what SB 1070 called for?


One response to “Arizona Is Taking the Flak

  1. I totally found this post awesome and really informative, I’ve used this word “informative” for like three comments. But, this post was really a re-affirmation of all the things ive been learning in my ethnic studies course, and how many immigrants are scared of being deported and with “crimmigration”. So, great post!

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