In the Bay Area: Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC)

An organization established to support immigrant students in their pursuit of college and citizenship in the Bay Area. Through various resources, services, and programs this organizations provides means for these immigrant students to realize their American Dream. Educators for Fair Consideration (E4FC) was started in 2006 by Carrie Evans and Katharine Gin, in effort to provide information, resources, and support to immigrant students without legal status. Information was often not relevant and inaccessible to many students.

“The organization has grown into an active and close-knit community of immigrant students, educators, attorneys, activists, parents, and artists. Working to offer a comprehensive suite of programs and services that address the financial, legal, political, professional, and socio-emotional needs of immigrant students who do not yet have residency or citizenship.”

 E4FC’s main resources include scholarships, internships, workshops, legal resources, and mentoring.

Some of their major scholarships include the Scholars Program. Financial awards for students living or attending school the bay area. These scholarships maybe up to $10,000 and the scholars are selected based on their academic achievements, financial needs, and community impact.

Their internship program is mainly directed for graduate students and connects such students to “professional and real-life work experience.”

Their workshops include “The Power of Telling Your Story.” A workshop the enables and empowers students to tell their story as an immigrant student or ally.

 Legal Service provides free legal analyses intended for immigrant students who do not yet have legal residency or citizenship in the United States through possible immigration remedies and/or benefits to immigrant students nationwide. Any information given is confidential and anonymous.

Their website provides more detailed information and more resources not summarized here.

E4FC has received a great deal of support from well know individuals, such as Jorge Ramos from Univision, who donated $20,000 to the organization. Other media takes include the SF Weekly and the Huffington Post, running the stories of undocumented students featured though E4FC. And more recently (video below) in, where the “Student Outreach Team won a $7,000 grant to increase graduation rate of undocumented students in California community colleges”

E4FC has become a powerful source that any immigrant students look to for specific information in the bay area. The organization continues to expand and update its information and resources, as the need and voice for immigration reform for many undocumented students becomes more vital than ever.


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