Who is Getting Smarter?

Does it make sense to kick out undocumented students after educating them? In terms of Kairos, it matters much today because we are the next generation, well for America. And what does that mean for the future economy? Is America preparing well for what the future holds? In the argument presented by Arturo Venegas, in Immigration Reform, the key point adjourns to the importance of the future economy rather than minor facets that have been presented as major ones; as in the post with regards to safety and trafficking of illegal drugs. But what many are missing is that this issue doesn’t only involve drugs, it involves the many who want a better life, those who seek an education and much more that what their home county can offer. It matters that one considers all view points when presenting arguments against faulty claims, and deep analysis on the premises of the claim. But the main issue here is “education.” Why are we pushing those educated beings out? And again does it make sense if we view the issue when the economy is involved. Rather, I feel that America is strengthening the “competition.” Growing the fruits and then giving them away? “educating kids and then kicking them out and sending them back to their home country only fuels the innovations and economies of America’s competitors ” Much to say the least I valued the statement “You can’t give someone an aspirin for a brain tumor,” it makes sense; and quite frankly it is a good metaphor for immigration issues today


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